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      Scientific and Technological Innovation-Technology Center

      The technology center of Qingdao Haichuan Construction Group was established in 2006, which was identified as the municipal technology center in 2009 and the provincial technology center in 2011. In the construction industry,the group is such a Class A construction enterprise which owned the provincial technical center in Shandong province at so early.The center adopts the director responsibility system and the chairman of the group personally acts as the director of the technology center.After years of exploration and innovation, the technology center has gained high reputation in the technology innovation of construction industry and completed a number of new technology applications, provincial methods and QC results and so on , which helps the center to gain affirmation and praise from many industry experts and the clients.The management system and the operation mechanism of the technical center are improved and the responsibilities of each department are clearly divided.Since the technology center was set up, the group has made full use of all kinds of social resources, achieved complementary advantages,  insisted in the combination of “production, teaching and research”and given full play to the advantages of the enterprise as the technical innovation subjects.It has achieved a win-win situation between the enterprise and professional companies, universities and research institutions.These relatively perfect conditions for research, development and testing have supported the scientific and technological innovation of Haichuan Group.The level of research and development and innovation is in the leading position in the same industry in the whole city, in the advanced level in the same industry in the whole province, and some research and development projects are in the leading position in the same industry all over the country.

      • 2006
      • 2009
      • 2011
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